Sangre Song in Orange
Untitled photo

‚ÄčOn my Skyscapes:

I've been a resident in Santa Fe for 20 years and, so far, I haven't been able to move from this jewel in the Southwest. There are so many artists, photographers, and craftspeople working here, that cover the entire range of what art can offer - there are those who are creating traditionally, experimenting risk-takers, and "high art" enthusiasts . . . but "classical me"... I can't keep my eyes from the skies. Fellow Santa Fean photographer, Jennifer Esperanza, stated "some days I could swim in the sky" . . . Well, I feel the same. It's this revolving colorama and dramatic, shifting grays... above us here... that add "visual music" to my life.

I hope you enjoy these relished moments of mine (and of the sky) . . .  as much as I have . . . they are precious moments that will never fade away . . .        - G. Taylor

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